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Project Overview

At Semantics Labs, our goal is to build the best talented team of engineers and researchers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding as well as on artificial intelligence security. In order to leverage this opportunity, Semantics Labs aims to bridge the gap between abstract theoretical research and practical applications to real-world business needs.

Project Simi

Simi holds Bangla hand-written and speech recognition capabilities. With these capabilities, Semantics Lab is currently extending Simi for more critical tasks like accounting, supply chain maintenance etc.

The main challenge in such extensions is correct recognition of word in low-context environment. Usually, context adjusts correct word prediction probabilities. However, in business adaptation, context could play a little.

Project S-eYe

S-eYe (Semantic Eye) is a human-level vision understanding framework that Semantics Lab is developing. S-eYe will learn to correctly recognize objects, faces, expressions and activities. S-eYe can be used in many ways - from unattended-mode security maintenance to human guidance etc.

Project Rooki

Rooki is a little robot agent for Bangla language. It is a companion agent that can continue Bangla conversation.


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Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!